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Welcome to Sunny's world. My interests include The Avengers, Young Avengers, Batman, Supernatural, Sherlock, with a little Doctor Who. I LOVE Marvel and DC Comics and their Cinematic Universes (it's an addiction at this point).

Currently (Re)reading:
Anything so long as it has sod-all to do with my dissertation.

Facts: I play a mean guitar and I'm probably the most random and least judgmental person you'll ever meet. I reply to most asks privately so ask away.

What's a 'Friday Challenge'? It's where you folks task me to find connections/examples/etc between comics and whatever randomness you deem worthy. Search the “Friday Challenge” tag. Trust me, it gets pretty bloody random, folks.
Me Likey!

14 Days Challenge (Bad-ass/Rebel):  It was difficult but I narrowed my long list to four. It boiled down to charisma, really. No one wants a stiff, humorless bad-ass. Of course Jason tops the list because he’s effin’ Jason Todd, nuff said.

Jason Todd: Robin 2/Red Hood (Batman Family, All Caste, The Outlaws)
Nate Grey: X-Man (Brotherhood of Mutants, New Mutants, X-Men, Outcasts)
Noh-Varr: Captain Marvel/Marvel Boy (Avengers, Young Avengers, Dark Avengers)
Rick Jones: A-Bomb/Hulk/Bucky (Avengers, Loners)

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